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Miscellaneous Service Charges

Partial Payment Fee 25.00
Criminal traffic delinquency fee 25.00
Boating dismissal fee – proof of boating safety card 10.00
Boating dismissal fee – proof of registration 10.00
Game and fish dismissal fee – proof of permit 10.00
Transfer of lien 20.00
Each additional lien 15.00
Examining, comparing, correcting, verifying and certifying transcripts in appellate proceedings 5.00
Preparing, numbering and indexing original record of appellate proceedings 3.50
Verifying an instrument presented for certification prepared by someone other than the clerk 3.50
Certifying copies in public record 2.00
Copies of public records not more than 14″ x 8 1/2 “ 1.00
Copies of public records more than 14″ x 8 1/2 “ 5.00
Microfilm copies 16 mm 100′ 42.00
Microfilm copies 35 mm 100′ 60.00
Microfiche 3.50
Copying by other than photographic process 6.00
Writing paper, other than specifically mentioned including copying, signing and sealing 7.00
Indexing entry not recorded 1.00
Receiving money into the registry of the Court – First $500 3.00%
Each subsequent $100 1.50%
Eminent domain per deposit 170.00
Oath, administering, attesting and sealing 3.50
Validating certificates 3.50
Exemplified certificates, including signing and sealing 7.00
Authenticated certificates. Including signing and sealing 7.00
Issuing and filing subpoena for a witness 7.00
Signing and sealing only 2.00
Approving bond 8.50
Searching records, per year 2.00
Sealing any court file or expungement of record 42.00
Receiving and disbursing all restitution payments 3.50
Ordinance Violations Filing Fee 10.00
Ordinance Violations Contest Fee 40.00
Notice of recording of foreign judgement – plus civil filing fee 42.00
Notarizing, per signature 10.00
Faxing any instrument inside 386 area code, per page 1.00
Faxing any instrument outside 386 area code, per page 3.00

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