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Circuit Civil / Domestic Fees

Circuit Civil Filing Fee 400.00
Foreclosure Filing Fee  
-Value less than or equal to $50,000 400.00
-Value greater than $50,000 but less than $250,000 905.00
-Value $250,000 or greater 1905.00
Foreclosure Counterclaim  
-Value less than or equal to $50,000 395.00
-Value greater than $50,000 but less than $250,000 900.00
-Value $250,000 or greater 1900.00
Civil Filing Fee – Chapters 39,61,741,742,747,752, or 753 300.00
Filing Cross-Claim – Chapters 39,61,741,742,747,752, or 753 295.00
Additional Fee for each defendant over five 2.50
Recording Lis Pendens  
-First Page 5.00
-Each Additional Page 4.00
Additional Name Indexing per name over 4 1.00
Dissolution of Marriage 408.00
Dissolution Counter Claims 295.00
Attachment, Replevin, Distress (in addition to the filing fee) 85.00
Garnishment Action 188.00
Severence 18.00
Foreign Judgment (in addition to the filing fee) 42.00
Reopen Fee 50.00
Malpractice 90-Day Extension 42.00
Adoptions/Dependency 442.00
Attorney Pro Hac Vice 100.00
Mediation – Combined Income < $50,000 – Per Person Per Session 60.00
Mediation – Combined Income > $50,000 – Per Person Per Session 120.00
Foreclosure Sale Fee 70.00
Eminent Domain Registry Fee 170.00
Court Registry Registry Fee – 3% of first $500, 1.5% thereafter  
Transfer of Lien 20.00
Additional Transfer of Lien 10.00
Appeal From Circuit to DCA – Additional $300 to DCA 100.00
Partial Payment Fee – One Time Charge 25.00
Circuit Civil- Filing Cross-Claim 395.00
Issuing Summons 10.00

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